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Top Gifts Ideas for Military Veterans

If you are looking for a gift for a military veteran, this article is designed to provide you with ideas to help you. Whether your friend or relative prefers indoor or outdoor activities, they will probably appreciate a few tools that make their favorite hobby even easier.

General Ideas
Consumer electronics items such as computer tablets, musical equipment, cameras, DVDs and more are good ideas for most gifts at any time of year. Also consider the gift ideas for veterans that are catered to their unique needs. Some people may appreciate you asking what they want before you give, while others like to be surprised.

Women Veterans Monument Rock Beach
Women Veterans Monument Rock Beach-via Wikimedia, PD

Fun Ideas
A patriotic bow tie will be appreciated by the man who wants to look good and show off his nation’s colors. Flashy bow ties are perfect for parades and parties.

If you are having a party for a man or woman who has served in the military and want a humorous touch, consider adding cute rubber ducks to the decorations. Some don’t squeak and are ideal for cookouts, pool parties or the bath. Ducks are outfitted with caps in the American national colors and flags.

Patriotic Bunting Garlands
These garlands can be used to decorate your home on special occasions. Weatherproof garlands with scalloped edges are good for making entryways and balconies look different on national holidays or for special family days.

Both women and men usually like jewelry. Military rings for veterans make a fashion statement and are worn to commemorate the service of American men and women. Individuals who want to wear these rings can choose from several different materials, including:

1. Heavy gold electroplated rings
2. Stainless steel rings
3. Pure white rhodium plated rings

Some veteran’s rings come with stones, while others have prominent emblems that show the wearer’s association with the Armed Forces in America. Always check to ensure that the rings you select are hypoallergenic.

Disclaimer: I did not receive sponsorship or payment for writing this review. This article is based on my opinion.

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Popular Thanksgiving Designs for Folded Printed Fabric Table Napkins

Folding printed fabric table napkins is one way to express your creativity during the Thanksgiving. If you have family and friends coming over to spend time with you, this is one way to make your table setting more interesting. Fabric napkins are more environmentally friendly since they are reusable.

Folded textile napkin

A good set of these luncheon napkins can last for several years, once they are properly cared for. In some households, those which are used may have been given as gifts. These table accessories make good presents for couples and singles. Personalized silver and white luncheon napkins are good gifts for a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

The following are designs for folded napkins, which are popular during Thanksgiving and other festive times of the year:
1. Diamond
2. Cone
3. French
4. Arrow
5. Bird of Paradise
6. Bishop’s Hat
7. Rosebud
8. Sail
9. Standing fan
10. Fancy silverware pouch
11. Candle fan goblet
12. Fleur de Lys goblet
13. Candle

Good linen napkins last for years, with the proper care. It is not too difficult to launder this fabric so that it lasts a lifetime. If you don’t have time to use traditional methods of caring for them, stay away from vintage textiles. Never use bleach on any type of linen product, whether it’s vintage or modern.

Modern linen table napkins are quite durable and will stand up to cleaning products that are designed for removing stains. You can put them in your washing machine and they will be good as new.

You can get table napkins in all kinds of patterns for example:
1. Jamaica smiley cloth napkins
2. Color decorative cartoon napkins
3. Pumpkin and wreath patterns
4. Plaid napkins

After you’ve chosen a design for your napkins and completed the folding, you can secure them with colorful, elegant aluminum or acrylic rings. Some come in shapes that match the theme of your dinner. Pumpkin shaped napkin rings are some of the more fanciful ones. These add extra flair to your table setting.
Image Credit : Folded textile napkin-via Wikimeida, CCA 3.0

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Cake Empire Review

The Cake Empire is a pastry store that is located in the United Kingdom. It offers patrons a wide range of beautiful and stylish cakes. If you are familiar with the lovely cakes that are made on Cake Boss, you will like what you see at this British store.

They use all types of colors and themes in their cakes, so you can get an extra large orange cake, covered with icing, that resembles a cupcake but is much bigger. You can get mini cupcakes that are shaped like flowers and are ideal for a wedding.

Croquembouch wedding cake
Croquembouch wedding cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They do a lot of wedding cakes and I think that you will agree that those on their gallery give you lots of ideas for features you would want to see on a cake that suits such a formal occasion. The piping is done well and one cake in particular features a black lace design on white icing. Quite interesting and suitable for people who want to have something a little less traditional that is still close to the norm.

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This "Cake in White Satin" with its ...
This "Cake in White Satin" with its pretty but oh so sophisticated hearts, bows and strand of pearls is a beautiful example of why fondant is such a popular wedding cake choice. Photo by Michael Prudhomme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)