Thursday, June 20, 2013

Momniscient: Best Supplements for Asperger's Syndrome

Momniscient: Best Supplements for Asperger's Syndrome: My 8-year-old son has mild Asperger's, which often results in "sticky" thoughts and vocal tics. By "sticky" thoughts...

In the post above, a mother describe's her child's journey with Asperger's Syndrome and the impact that using supplements has had on her son's health. While I know some people do not think that food has any impact on us, the fact is, what we eat does make a significant difference to our overall well being.

I have repeatedly seen certain foods raise my energy levels, alleviate the symptoms of specific disorders or even stop certain conditions right in their tracks. The foods we eat contribute the hormones and other chemicals that our bodies need to function effectively. Proper nutrition is about more than just eating three square meals a day.

One of the supplements that she says has helped her son is Source Naturals Attentive Child

Source Naturals Attentive Child (on Amazon)- Improve Children's Ability to Focus 

Source Naturals Attentive Child contains the following:
DMAE which is normally found in the brain and is proven to improve concentration
Magnesium, which plays a role in neuro muscular transmission
Other important nutrients

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