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Popular Thanksgiving Designs for Folded Printed Fabric Table Napkins

Folding printed fabric table napkins is one way to express your creativity during the Thanksgiving. If you have family and friends coming over to spend time with you, this is one way to make your table setting more interesting. Fabric napkins are more environmentally friendly since they are reusable.

Folded textile napkin

A good set of these luncheon napkins can last for several years, once they are properly cared for. In some households, those which are used may have been given as gifts. These table accessories make good presents for couples and singles. Personalized silver and white luncheon napkins are good gifts for a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

The following are designs for folded napkins, which are popular during Thanksgiving and other festive times of the year:
1. Diamond
2. Cone
3. French
4. Arrow
5. Bird of Paradise
6. Bishop’s Hat
7. Rosebud
8. Sail
9. Standing fan
10. Fancy silverware pouch
11. Candle fan goblet
12. Fleur de Lys goblet
13. Candle

Good linen napkins last for years, with the proper care. It is not too difficult to launder this fabric so that it lasts a lifetime. If you don’t have time to use traditional methods of caring for them, stay away from vintage textiles. Never use bleach on any type of linen product, whether it’s vintage or modern.

Modern linen table napkins are quite durable and will stand up to cleaning products that are designed for removing stains. You can put them in your washing machine and they will be good as new.

You can get table napkins in all kinds of patterns for example:
1. Jamaica smiley cloth napkins
2. Color decorative cartoon napkins
3. Pumpkin and wreath patterns
4. Plaid napkins

After you’ve chosen a design for your napkins and completed the folding, you can secure them with colorful, elegant aluminum or acrylic rings. Some come in shapes that match the theme of your dinner. Pumpkin shaped napkin rings are some of the more fanciful ones. These add extra flair to your table setting.
Image Credit : Folded textile napkin-via Wikimeida, CCA 3.0

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