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Review of the Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater- Pros and Cons

People who are looking for good heaters often want a durable alternative that also performs well. The Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater makes it easy for you to set your own routine.

It is a significant improvement over other heating systems. Those conventional machines require you to adjust your mornings to the way that they are able to warm water for your shower or washing dishes.

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 Advantages of This Tankless Heater

This heater is completely tankless and does not require you to keep warm liquid available at times when you do not need it. That helps you to save money.

These systems are also known as on demand heaters since they produce liquid at a specific temperature whenever you require it. This type of design is a significant improvement over others which kept water warm even when you were not at home, thereby increasing your utility bill and wasting energy.

Choose Propane or Electricity
It also has a number of other advantages. These models are fully convertible. That means if you do not want to use electricity for your heater you can easily convert to propane instead. This may be a better option for your family if your electric bill is already high.

Save Money with Better Installation
The machine has the Energy Star certification, so even if you use a model that runs on electrical power, you will be able to save money. The Energy Star shows that you can achieve savings of up to 50% if you install these devices at strategic locations in your home.

For example, someone who uses one of these heaters at each outlet in their residence may be able to access the maximum savings of 50%. A family will save as much as a hundred dollars a year with this type of equipment.

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 Rinnai Water Heaters - Other things you should Know

Save on Replacement Parts
This device comes with several warranties. There are good warranties available for the parts which have to be changed after about five years, such as the heat exchanger. Warranties are also provided on labor and parts once the machine is used for residential purposes. In most cases, the parts for this device outlast the actual unit. This is a significant advantage over storage devices, which typically become damaged after about ten years.

This unit usually lasts about twenty years, so you will have it running in your house for long time. It is easy to find the parts and you can usually do most replacements yourself if those become necessary. The manufacturer has links to videos which will make it easier for you to do maintenance on your equipment when this becomes necessary. Guides are also available which show you the steps involved in installing the machine.

No Need to Cut Back on Your Shower
People who use tankless heaters such as this one find that they can relax a little more while in the shower. They never have to be anxious about using up all the hot water that is available in the tank. The Rinnai device warms your water as you need it so you could have it running for five or fifteen minutes if you need to. It does not affect the other people who may want to shower in the morning.

This really solves a serious problem in homes where there are some people who like to take long showers. Having to cut your shower short just because you do not want to use up all the warm liquid that is available can lead to irritability and a feeling of not quite being prepared for the day ahead. This feature alone makes the device a good heater to have on your property.

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Disadvantages of This Tankless Heater- Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Problems

There are just a couple of disadvantages associated with this device. For one, is is more expensive than a regular storage heater.

However, you quickly get your money back because it is a lot cheaper to operate. You also spend less on replacement parts because this unit is quite durable.

Output Limited by Flow Rate
With a tankless heater, you never need to remember to turn the device on early just so you can have enough water for a hot shower in the wee hours of the morning. You can get up, shower and rush out to work quickly. However, since the equipment does have to warm up the liquid before it gets to you, the output is limited by the flow rate.

You can get a little under 8 gallons efficiently coming out of this device every sixty seconds. This is not too bad if you are the only one using it at the time but if a number of other activities are happening in your household, it can be a little aggravating. However, usually this is more than adequate for the normal usage of a household.

Definitely, if you plan to take a shower, you should not turn on your dishwasher at the same time. This will cut down on the volume of liquid that is available to you. You should also not run your dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. This is one of the major drawbacks of this device but by keeping this in mind, you will continue to save money and have all the hot liquid that you need to carry out your daily tasks.

Bursts of Cool Liquid
If you are washing dishes by hand and turn your supply off, you may notice that when you turn the pipe back on, you get a burst of cool water. The same thing happens when you are showering. This feature helps you to save money but it can be quite uncomfortable. Since some people prefer to turn off the shower for a bit while they are using it instead of letting it run continuously, this is a factor to consider.

All in all, this product will help you to save money. You get hot liquid precisely when you need it and in the mornings, you will only have to wait about thirty seconds if you are the first person to turn the pipes on. The slight delay is not much of an inconvenience and may not even be noticed by some users.With this device, you will never spend any extra money on heating and reheating water.

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