Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Start A Worm Farming Business Raising Earthworms

How to Start A Worm Farming Business Raising Earthworms
You can earn cash with an environmentally friendly business. Worm farming is a business that offers several rewards. While you make money, you have the opportunity to teach others, give back to your community and decrease waste.

How to Start A Worm Farming Business-  Vermicompost Benefits
These wriggling money earners play an important part in the cycle of life. Earthworms eat kitchen scraps and coffee grounds and produce fertilizer at their other end. The vermicompost produced by the angleworms has less contaminants than vegetable scraps and is packed with beneficial micro flora, nitrogen and potassium.

How to Start A Worm Farming Business- Where to Sell
The worms are also sold to bait shops, compost companies and similar organizations.
This type of business is not time consuming. However searching for angleworms or rainworms can be difficult, since they burrow down into the dirt. This is why companies that need lots of worms often buy them from commercial farmers.

Vermicomposting involves using earthworms to make a rich mixture of worm castings (vermicast), from vegetable matter and other food scraps. Some worm farmers produce both worms and compost for sale.
You can learn more about this financially rewarding hobby. This type of business is best suited to persons pursuing an eco friendly lifestyle who want to make a profit in a socially responsible way. Raising earthworms allows you to turn the garbage from your kitchen into something that puts cash in your pocket.

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