Thursday, July 3, 2014

True Life Funny Criminal Burglar Stories Caught on Wireless Security Cameras

Surveillance sometimes results in wireless security cameras picking up on things that weren’t anticipated.
Surveillance cameras often figure into the design of a home security system. Wireless security camera systems give a sense of well being to home owners who use the wireless surveillance cameras to monitor the goings on around their homes. However, from time to time surveillance cameras pick up on things that weren’t expected.

Wireless security cameras in pharmacies and shops have been known to capture the sweet minutes of a romantic kiss. They’ve also been known to pick up on funny animals and the shoppers who ran out to the store devoid of an article of clothing in their rush to pick up something, so be careful.

One wireless surveillance camera system captured the burglary attempt by a would-be robber in a liquor store. The thief waited until it was dark and the store was shut for the day. He approached the building from the side and attempted to gain entry through the roof. Unfortunately, he slipped and went crashing downward.

Undaunted, the thief made his effort to gain entrance from a slightly different angle. On this occasion he went through the roof. However, he went through in a style he didn’t predict. He plummeted to the floor and lots of bottles hit him on the head as he fell.

Not one to cast off small successes, the thief moved to the next stage of action. What did he do next? The same thing everybody does when they are going shopping late at nighttime. He got a shopping trolley.

The wireless security cameras picked up on all his deeds as he strolled along the aisles, picked out what he wanted from the liquor store, then attempted to leave through the same hole in the roof he came in from, with the help of a ladder. He wasn’t successful and maybe the wireless security cameras were closely monitored, or he set off an alarm during the course of his misdemeanors, because the police came and got him while he was still in the store.

Setting up wireless surveillance cameras is no simple feat and involves a fair degree of planning, so that each wireless security camera that is used as a part of the wireless surveillance system is in a good position to capture the action.

I previously published this article on Xomba in August, 2011.

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